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T-Luster –Multi Colors

T-Luster –Multi ColorsT-Luster –Multi Colors

Can be combined with Glitter, Metallic Gold or Silver
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T-Luster –Metallic Gold, Silver

T-Luster –Metallic Gold, SilverT-Luster –Metallic Gold, Silver

Color variations of Gold and Silver
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T-Luster with Glitter

T-Luster with GlitterT-Luster with Glitter

Combination of solid color and glitter color
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T-Luster Sparkle

T-Luster SparkleT-Luster Sparkle

Sparkling effect
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T-Luster Glow in the Dark (CN2)

T-Luster Glow in the Dark (CN2)T-Luster Glow in the Dark (CN2)

Bright and long persistence
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T-Luster Pearlized

T-Luster PearlizedT-Luster Pearlized

Metallic & shiny effect
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T-Luster with Puff

T-Luster with PuffT-Luster with Puff

For 3D effect
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New Litho Transfer

New Litho TransferNew Litho Transfer

Offset printing with detailed & clear image
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T-Luster Rainbow

T-Luster RainbowT-Luster Rainbow

Combination of rainbow-colored foil and T-Luster
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T-Luster Low-Melt Type

T-Luster Low-Melt Type

Our T-Luster "Low-Melt Type" can be applied on heat-sensitive fabrics (which tend to have press marks or shrink because of heat) at 120℃(low temperature).
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